The Storeroom

This book is written by Cheah Zhi Hui. This book is about two girls who only standard 5 called Mei Zhen and Lan Mei. Lan Mei was a silly girl and a leader of the class that famous in the class. While Mei Zhen was a beauty and talented, and can write verses of the literary verse. However, she didn’t talk to her classmates. If someone angers her, she would fist to him or her and give them a fierce glow of eyes. One day, two of them had a conflict in the class. Lan Mei cannot endure and complaint to Mei Zhen’s mother. On the next day, there were several of scars on the hand of Mei Zhen. Lan Mei felt guilty, listening to the situation of Mei Zhen’s family. With all her enthusiasm, Lan Mei rushed to Mei Zhen’s house. She found a secret door and the clinking of the chain was heard. There seems to be an ulterior secrete in Mei Zhen’s home, Lan Mei care about Mei Zhen but she didn’t appreciate. Just as Lan Mei wanted to give up, she received a message from Mei Zhen for help. After reading, I gain that domestic violence is not just a family problem and this problem must be pay attention. If we find any problems faced by person around us, we must be brave like Lan Mei help Mei Zhen when gave her a help message.