Reading is defined as a cognitive process that involves decoding symbols to arrive at meaning. Reading is an active process of constructing meanings of words. Reading with a purpose helps the reader to direct information towards a goal and focuses their attention. Although the reasons for reading may vary, the primary purpose of reading is to understand the text. Reading is a thinking process. It allows the reader to use what he or she may already know, also called prior knowledge.Reading is really about taking that one life of yours, and transporting it to different worlds. And there are so many other worlds to visit that you feel the need to pick up another book.

The Advantages

Reading the novel during our free time can gain many advantages. When we feel stress and depressed, we can read some motivation books. It will make us become relax and full of positive motivation to move. Besides that reading novel will increase our knowledge. For example, a novel will increase our writing about a person, an object, and others. It also can increase our vocabulary and we also recognize some new vocabulary that we cannot learn in class. Reading novel also increase our concentration and our memory. When reading novel, we will pay a lot of concentration to read the novel.

Top Book Recommended

After reading a lot of books and I have my top 3 list for my favourite books.

1. The Complete Sherlock Holmes- The Adventure of the Dying Detective

2. Angle of Chun Chun

3. The Storeroom