Everyone love eating. Eating is a need for us to survive. Some of the people they are not just eating and they enjoy the experience that the food give them, the texture, the aroma and the visual of the food. They really love the food until they can taste the diffrences of the food although it is only slightly different from others. We call these people "foodie".

Favourite Food Style

In Malaysia, we have a lot of foods that come from different races in our country. In our country have three major races that are Malay, Chinese and Indian. We also have others aboriginal that come from Sabar and Sarawak. The uniqueness of us is we all live in Malaysia, we respect each other diffrences and we also in in harmony. Every races have the food that representing them. Besides that, we also can get other country food in here such as the Korean and Japanese food:-

1.Malay Food

Cooking tradition of ethnic Malay of Southeast Asia.
Food Characteristics:-

  • Different Malay regions are all known for their unique or signature dishes. (Kelantan: nasi dagang, nasi kerabu. Perak: gulai tempoyak.)
  • Malay cuisine is generous use of spicy.
  • Coconut milk made the Malay cuisine creamy.
  • Belacan (shrimp paste) used as a based sambal.
  • Malay cuisine rigorously observes the Islamic halal dietary law.

  • 2.Indian Food

    Food Characteristics:-

  • Northern Indian Cuisine: High use of milk, paneer (Indian mild cheese), ghee (clarified butter) and yogurt.
  • Western Indian Cuisine
  • Gurajati cuisine: mostly vegetarian and has an underlying sweetness to many of its dishes due to Chinese influence. Goa cuisine: uses pork and beef with greater frequency than other regional cuisines in India.
  • Eastern Indian Cuisine:Primarily known for its desserts.
  • Southern Indian Cuisine: Its “curries” contrast differently in their textures and can typically be categorized according to the drier consistency.

  • 3.Chinese Food

    Food Characteristics:-

  • Diversified Colors . (Greater arouse people’s appetite)
  • Aromatic Flavor. (Chinese prickly ash seeds, cinnamon and other spices are added to help dispel the ingredients' particular smells.)
  • Excellent Taste.

  • 4.Western Food

    The cuisines of Europe and the other Western country.
    Food Characteristics:-

  • The meat is the main star in Western food.
  • More using corn, fries, steamed veggies and mashed potato.
  • Menu with multi-course meals.

  • 5.Japanese Food

    Food Characteristics:-

  • Expressing the seasons.
  • Eating with the five senses.
  • Enjoying the texture of foods.
  • Enjoying the color of foods.

  • 6.Korean Food

    Food Characteristics:-

  • Balancing different salty, sweet, savory, and umami flavors together in harmonious ways.
  • Take unusual pride in preserving the recipies and cooking methods of their ancestors.
  • Various fermented and preserved foods. (Kimchi, Jeotgal, Doenjang)