Angle of Chun Chun

This book is written by Tang Show Yin. This book is a story about a little girl name Cheng Chun Chun. She lost her father when she was a child. She lived with her mother and her 15-year old brother. Her mother was the owner of a cake house. Chun Chun had to help her mother at the cake house during weekends and holidays. Chun Chun was no confidence in herself compared to her talented brother who excels academically. She also hasn’t the courage even to talk to strangers. One day, she discovered by a chance a necklace in an antique shop. The pendant of the necklace was embedded with seven stars like a shape of spoon. Chun Chun realized that it was the necklace that always appeared in her dreams. In order to possess the necklace that meaningful for her, she met a lot of people with different characters and went through many encounters which she never expected. Chun Chun began to grow up under the guidance of a mystical voice. After reading this book, we need to cherish everyone around us as they will help us to become more confident and brave.